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  Earthquake Album Cover
The Earthquake Album
LEP104 CD & Cassette

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On January 17, 1994 the Northridge earthquake toppled a six-foot-high bookcase which crashed onto my left wrist breaking it in two places. Unable to resist the lure of the piano, I sat down at the keyboard and composed a piece of music for my right hand alone. Then, by experimentation, I discovered I could use one finger on my left hand without pain. The result is The Earthquake Album -- dancing to a fault, which has left me more convinced than ever of the truth of the old saying, "Every cloud has a silver lining."
Starlight Sonata
LEP103 LP & Cassette

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Starlight Sonata Album Cover

Starlight Sonata is a rich romantic tapestry of beautiful, soothing and joyous melodies which will resonate in perfect harmony with your inner spirit.

This all instrumental album features Leonard Ellis on piano, with accompaniment on violins, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, English horn, French horn, tuba, trumpet, piccolo trumpet, tin whistle, bodhran, timpani, chimes, mandolin, guitar, hammered dulcimer and voice.

LP is still available. Cassette is out of print.

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Circle of Dreams Album Cover
Circle of Dreams
LEP101 Cassette

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Leonard's unique piano creates for you an exquisite Circle of Dreams, a delightful and memorable world of floating and restful melodies. Uplifting and optimistic, light-hearted and colourful, this album of solo piano music beckons you to a graceful and joyous mood, and maybe even to an irresistible dance. However you use it -- for dancing, relaxing, or sheer listening enjoyment -- its indescribably sensitive and pleasurable nature will captivate you and play in your heart forever.

This cassette is currently out of print.
The Bear Behind & Winter Waltz
LEP102 Cassette

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The Bear Behind & Winter Waltz is a very special cassette single for children of all ages. The Bear Behind is a delightful song that will have you and your children singing along, while the Winter Waltz is an uplifting and romantic tune that will inspire you and your children to dance around the room.

This cassette is currently out of print.